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Cinnamon Canaries

Cinnamon Canaries

Cinnamon Canaries were developed and established as a separate variety in England in the early 19th Century. Nowadays, this canary is  valued for the fine quality of its plumage. Many fanciers believe that cinnamon canaries have the smoothest and finest feathers of all breeds.

The Cinnamon Canary is a a 'color' variety, with the ideal being a rich, dark, glowing red brown plumage in the yellow form and a subtle blend of pinky and softer browns in the buff form.

Cinnamon Canaries were considered a variety in their own right until the early 1900s, when they were cross-bred with the 'type' canaries: Norwich, Yorkshire and later the Border. This canary resembles the Norwich Canary in type, but it is slightly larger and more active.

Today, there is no separate cinnamon variety, but cinnamon birds are bred in all the various canary types.

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