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Bird Adoption & Rescue

Rescued Cockatoo

New Bird Rescue / Adoption Community (Please join if you need to place a bird; or are able and willing to give a needy bird a good home; or would like to help in rescue operations.) - NO PROFIT ... Only Love and Compassion!

Please note: If you can't keep your pet, but don't want to join the above Community, please e-mail us details and we will post the pet anonymously - yet you will be forwarded any potentials and can talk / meet with them to see if they would make a good match.

Placing / Re-homing Your Bird

Adopting a Pet

Rescue Organizations:

United States Rescue Organizations

International Rescue Organizations

Emergency Preparedness For Pet Birds

Guidelines for Rescuers / Rescue Organizations .


Guidelines for Rescuers / Rescue Organizations

1. Rescuer should not breed birds, therefore adding to the problem.

2.Rescued birds should NEVER be sold.

3.Rescued birds should NOT be bred, therefore adding to the problem, UNLESS they belong to an endangered species.

4. Rescuers should be willing to provide education and continued support to the parties adopting the parrot


Adopting a Bird

Please scroll down for listings of rescue organizations or check in your local Yellow Pages to see if you have a reputable Bird Rescue Organization in your area. NOTE: REAL rescue organizations do not breed nor sell birds.



Rescue Organizations

I have added the below rescue organization in good faith, but I would recommend for anyone wanting to place their bird to check any of them out very carefully, before doing so ... IMPORTANT: Please read this information before re-homing any birds or donating any money!



My first choice will always be to adopt - and not buy! You have the ability to make a critical difference in the life of a displaced parrot! This being said, below are your options.


NOTE: These listings are added and maintained by Avianweb as a public service. Even though we don't actively research the rescue organizations wishing to be listed -- we do reserve the right to remove any rescue organization about which credible negative information has come to light (which usually is mistreatment, neglect, breeding or selling of “rescued birds” for profit).

U.S. and Worldwide:

Pet Finder (allows you to input your zip code and find pets near you) ...




  • Association of Avian Rescue Organizations, 3370 Beech Street
  • Bat Rescue -


  • Feathered Family, - - Erie CO, Rescue, Rehoming and Adoption of Companion Parrots

District of Columbia:


  • Clearwater: Neurotic Exotics/ Tortoise Den Inc, 1559 - Contacts: Jamie Mitchell 727-657-4721; Mark Mitchell 727-455-5970. Work with cockatoos, parrots, macaws, african greys, keets, conures, eclectus. Any and all conditions and situations. Also try to help people keep their birds when possible. Able to pick up. Willing and proud to assist military families as well. Domestic issues etc. Assist with a emergency housing facility zoo and humane society as well.
  • Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, a Florida parrot rescue organization. 418 Ocean Avenue, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 -


  • - Does not sell, trade, buy or breed birds. Provides education (including scheduled school and elderly care visits) and information about parrot ownership, care, and behavior. Offers a home to parrots whose families can no longer care for. Assists those looking for health care or rescue information - Contact: Tina Collett 151 Quail Place NE Milledgeville, GA., 31061 Tel. 478-295-0386



  • - Licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Welfare as a Rescue Facility, Accredited by the Association of Avian Rescue Organizations



  • Ann Wykowski - South East Iowa Parrot Rescue; 3554 270th. Avenue, Keokuk, IA 52632 - Tel. 319 670-0067


  • - a licensed shelter for the State of Kansas involved in rescue and adoptions.







  • - takes in all bird sizes from finch to macaw. Offers rehab help, and bird sitting/fostering. No fees donations only.Contact: Stacy
  • Peace Paws and PALS (Parrot Assisted Living Services) is located in Lansing MI and we take in birds of all sizes.  They are 501(c)3 tax exempt, and offer indoor free flight for both large and small birds.  Website is listed below, none of the birds are adopted out once they arrive at our sanctuary, but some are used in our parrot therapy programs.  Feel free to inquire about any further questions. Jessy Owens, Peace Paws, - Preventing Exotic and Avian Cruelty Everywhere.



  • Dr. Julie Burge, Avian Vet - Burge Bird Services and Burge Bird Rescue, 13833 S 71 Hwy, Grandview MO 64030 - Tel. 816-356-4700,
  • Springfield, Missoury: Parrot Education, Adoption, and Rehabilitation (PEAR) serves as a temporary sanctuary facility for exotic birds. Contact: Erin Sorensen- - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out relinquished parrots. Offer parrot owners education and assistance with basic bird care, nutrition, and behavior issues.


  • Montana's Parrot and Exotic Bird Sanctuary -


New Jersey:

  • Under My Wing Avian Refuge - Paula N Ashfield - 1243 Rte 23 North Wantage, New Jersey 07461 Te. 973-702-7770

New York:






  • Stephanie Tillitt, Stephanie's Feathered Family Exotic Bird Rescue, - 360-896-3588 Home, 360-601-9778 Cell



  • Changez Bird Rescue, Phone: 610-231-0654 or 610-440-2148
  • Joel Burtner - although not an official rescue - is happy to guide frustrated bird owners in resolving behavioral issues. If needed, he will also give a good home to a needy bird. He is located 30 minutes north of Philadelphia, PA - but will drive as far as upper Michigan. Contact: JL Burtner HT- sickrunescaper [at]

Rhode Island:

South Carolina:

South Dakota:

  • Black Hills Parrot Welfare and Education Center - 11132 Valley 1 Rd. Belle Fourche, SD 57717 (605) 892-2336 - Managed by Greg and Cindy Poulain - certified avian specialists (recommended by Stacey Raisanen)



  • National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation, 205 Heritage Trail North
  • Laney Rickman; The Bird Endowment, PO Box 966, No.10, Bird Endowment Place, Cuero, TX 77954-0966



  • Safe House, Inc: Companion Bird Rehab and Retirement Center. P.O. Box 3252, Newport News, VA 23603, Phone: (757) 887-8683, Fax: (757) 220-1390


  • Cockatoo Creek Jane Johnson, 209 Black Creek Rd, Montesano, Wa 98563




The Budgie Sanctuary - a budgie sanctuary for unwanted and neglected budgies. - e-mail: [email protected]

Parrot Line, 65 Boardman Fold Road, Alkrington, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1QD, England, e-mail: [email protected]


GreyHaven Exotic Bird Sanctionary, 800-15355 24th Ave., Surrey B.C V4A 2H9, (604) 878-7212, e-mail: [email protected]

The Netherlands:

Foundation Dutch Parrot Refuge, Stichting N.O.P., Wintelresedijk 51, 5507 PP Veldhoven, The Netherlands, Tel.: 040-2052772, Fax.: 040-2052723, e-mail: [email protected]


Also please check in your local phone directory. I know that, for example, in San Diego, California, they have an excellent Parrot Rescue Organization that places birds in carefully screened homes. Your area may also offer this kind of non-profit organization.

Lost or Found a Bird? Contact the Bird Patrol


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