Adelaide's Warbler

Adelaide’s Warbler (Dendroica adelaidae) was named after Adelaide Swift, daughter of Robert Swift – the person who captured the first specimen.


Distribution / Range

It is endemic to the archipelago of Puerto Rico, where it is found on the main island of Puerto Rico and in the island municipality of Vieques.

They inhabit dry forests in the southern region of Puerto Rico such as the Guánica State Forest. Although some have been sighted in the northern moist forests and the central mountain range, Cordillera Central.

They usually travel in mixed flocks, which may include Puerto Rican Todies, Vireos and other New World Warblers.



It averages 12 cm in length and weighs around 7 g.

The upper plumage is grey; while the underparts are yellow.

There is a yellow line above the eye, with a white half-moon below it.

Diet / Feeding

They mainly feed on insects, as well as spiders and small amphibians such as coquís.



The average clutch consists of 2 to 4 eggs, which are white but typically with small brown spots. The nest is usually located at heights of 1 to 7 m in.


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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