Alagoas Antwren

The Alagoas Antwrens (Myrmotherula snowi) are endemic to Brazil, where they are considered Critically Endangered, as they are only known from four sites.

Distribution / Range

The Alagoas Antwrens have only been recorded in the north-east Brazilian states Alagoas and Pernambuco. In 1979, they were discovered at Murici (Alagoas) and recently iin Pernambuco at Mata do Benedito, Mata do Estado and Frei Caneca.


The Alagoas Antwrens are small, measuring only about 9.5 cm in length.

Males have an entirely grey plumage, with the underside being slightly paler with a small black patch on the throat.

The female has a fulvous-brown upper plumage and the tail is dark brown with a reddish-orange tinge. Below she is a rufous-buff with a white throat.

Breeding / Nesting

Most breeding activity is observed in February, with young being reported in May.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on insects, such as spiders, beetles, ants and cockroaches.

Calls / Vocalizations

Its contact call is described as kleek and the alarm as nyiih-nyeeh-nyaah.

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