Albino Hummingbird (White) or Leucistic Hummingbirds in Colorado

Sightings of Albino Hummingbird (White) or Leucistic (Partial White) Hummingbirds in Ohio | Beauty of Birds

Sightings of White Hummingbirds in Colorado

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Albino Hummingbird sightings in Ohio recorded in reverse chronological order:

  • Colorado, Evergreen (August 2019) – Stef Swink, RScP ( submitted two photos of what appears to be a true albino hummingbird. The photos were taken August 4th 2019.

Albino Hummingbird seen in Evergreen, Colorado (2019)White Hummingbird in Colorado (2019)

Pied Hummingbird in Colorado

  • Colorado,  Flatiron Reservoir, Loveland (August 2015). Shirley Bowman photographed what is likely to be a juvenile pied Ruby-throated Hummingbird.   
  • Nederland, CO (8/22 & 8/23/2015). Mary Wilcox submitted photos of a partial white hummingbird.

White Hummingbird i n Colorado

  • Beulah, CO  (August 2015) Leucistic hummingbird reported (photos provided) by DROOT [DON166 at msn dot com].  Photos taken 8/7 & 8/8/2015.

White Hummingbird in Colorado

  • Parachute (July 2015).   Brenda Savey-Rice photographed a pied hummingbird at her bird feeder.  She states that “he … doesn’t like to fight with all the others […] it will return when no one is around.”  This is a typical behavior for white hummingbirds that are often bullied by their “normal” counterparts. Brenda describes his or her tail to be black and white striped. 

  • South Fork (8/25/2014) – True Albino photographed by Jarret Kachel

Albino Hummingbird sighted in Colorado


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