Sightings of Albino Hummingbird or Leucistic Hummingbirds in Oregon

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Albino Hummingbird sightings in Oregon recorded in reverse chronological order:

OregonRoseburg: Nancy Stone and her daughter reported seeing a white hummingbird in July 2021. In her words: “[M]y daughter said, ‘Mom, it’s a white hummingbird’ … I started to say, “No, it’s just a white feather” but before I could respond to her it flew right beside me.” … We understand the excitement – since these sightings are so rare and such a special experience.

Oregon, near Toledo, OR.  Sally Reill reported a white hummingbird that has been visiting her feeder near Toledo.  She describes it as follows: “The bird appears to be a Rufous. It seems too small to be a Anna’s and is feisty like a Rufous.  It is nearly pure white, with a little black on the underside of its tail.  It has black eyes and bill.”  Date: July 2016

White Hummingbird in Oregon

Oregon, Forest Grove: Kristen Thomas reported the sighting of a “white & grey hummingbird” on May 12, 2016.

Oregon, Aurora: Leucistic Hummingbird sighted in July 2013 by Alice Stults who wrote: “This hummingbird has been coming to my feeder for at least several days, and finally tonight (July 25, 2013) I was able to snap pictures of it. There is also another hummingbird that has a white chest, neck and belly with mostly dark gray color on its wings and back, but I have not yet been able to get a picture of it as it always feeds at the back of the feeder.”

Oregon, Tualatin, Browns Ferry Park beside the Tualatin river – Leucistic Hummingbird spotted by Rick and Pat Feightner on 03/29/2013. Hummingbird was completely white except for a few tiny brown speckles on the neck and shoulders, and dark eyes and beak. No photo.

Oregon, Beaverton -Leucistic Hummingbird (1/3/2012) – Likely Anna’s Hummingbird – Photo (scroll down) and info submitted by Julia Low

Leucistic / Partial Albino Hummingbird

Did you see one of these rare hummingbirds? If so, please e-mail relevant information (such as date, location, etc.) and photos – if available (including the photographer’s name. THANK YOU!)

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