Altamira Orioles (Icterus gularis)


Male Altamira OrioleThe Altamira Orioles (Icterus gularis) are permanent residents within their range – which includes the subtropical lowlands of the Mexican Gulf Coast and northern Central America, the Pacific coast and inland.

They can also be found in the extreme south of Texas, (locally called the Rio Grande Valley).


Breeding / Nesting

Their breeding habitat is the open woodland.

The nest is a long woven pouch that is attached to the end of a horizontal tree branch. They may sometimes place the nest in unusual places, including on top of telephone wires.


Diet / Feeding

The Altamira Oriole’s main diet consists of berries and insects. They typically forage high up in trees; some in the undergrowth.



The Altamira Orioles are the largest oriole of the Icterus genus, weighing about 56 grams and measuring ~ 25 cm in length.

JuvenileJuvenile - Head DetailAltamira Orioles

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