The bird genus Attila comprises tyrant flycatchers that occur in tropical South America. Physical characteristics of these birds are their hooked bills and comparatively large heads.

  • Rufous-tailed Attila, Attila phoenicurus : Found in southern Paraguay and Brazil; also extreme northeast Argentina. Migrate northwestwards into the central Amazon Basin of North Region, Brazil in the austral winter and is also found in northeast border regions Bolivia and southern Venezuela during its wintering.
  • Cinnamon Attila, Attila cinnamomeus : Found in northern South America in the Amazon Basin of Brazil and the Guianas.
  • Ochraceous Attila, Attila torridus : Found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.
  • Citron-bellied Attila, Attila citriniventris : Found in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.
  • Bright-rumped Attila or Polymorphic Attila, Attila spadiceus
  • Dull-capped Attila, Attila bolivianus : Found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and possibly Ecuador.
  • Gray-hooded Attila, Attila rufus : Endemic to Brazil.
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