Red Shining Parrots

The Red Shining-parrot (Prosopeia tabuensis) is endemic to the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni in Fiji. Most populations exist in or near the forests on the islands of Kadavu and Ono. This parrot species was also introduced to southern Tonga – specifically Eua and Tongatapu Islands. Its favored habitats include subtropical or tropical moist lowland and mangrove … Read more

Red-cheeked Parrots

As Red-cheeked (geoffroyus), but generally darker; reddish-brown patch to wing-coverts absent; blue crown and back of head extends to nape, there adjoining pale blue band; back variably tinged bronze-brown; breast and abdomen with bluish-green tinge; under wing-coverts darker blue; generally larger. Female as nominate type, but brown of head extends to nape; there adjoining a … Read more

Pygmy Parrots

The Pygmy Parrots of the subfamily Micropsittinae all belong to the genus Micropsitta. They are native to the tropical forests of New Guinea and nearby islands.They are the smallest members of the parrot family. Pygmy Parrots are the smallest parrots in the world; followed by the Asian Hanging Parrots, the Fig Parrots (from Australia and New Guinea) and, last – but not the least – the well-known and … Read more

Grass Parakeets / Parrots

The Bourke’s parrot has recently been removed from the Neophema genus and placed in a genus of its own. Sometimes the broad-tailed parrots are considered a subfamily. In this case, Neophema and Bourke’s parrot are united in the tribe Neophemini. mtDNA sequence data (Miyaki et al. 1998) suggests that the former may be correct, but the latter almost certainly isn’t. It appears more … Read more

Ouvean Parakeets

The Uvea Parakeet is a parrot found on the island of Ouvea in the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia. It once ranged across other Loyalty Islands, but attempts to reintroduce this species to Lifou in 1925 and 1963 failed, as the reintroduced birds simply flew back to Ouvea. This being said, nesting success on Lifou is unlikely unless the … Read more

Moluccan King-Parrot

These parrots can only be described as serene, sophisticated and strikingly beautiful due to their well-defined, bright coloration of their plumage. At 14.8 inches (37 centimeters), the Amboina King Parrot is considered one of mid-size to larger parrot breeds. They primary plumage is red, with bright green wings, bright blue backs, rumps, tail coverts and … Read more

Modest Parrots

The Modest Parrot averages 5.5 inches or 14 cm in length. Males: The general plumage is green; abdomen and under wing-coverts are yellowish-green. Its head is dark brown and the nape and back of head are olive-yellow with dark brown edging. The throat and breast pale brownish-olive. The bend of wing is blue and the under … Read more

Mindanao Racket-tailed Parrots

The general plumage is green. The throat, breast and abdomen are slightly more yellowish-green. The forehead, front of crown, lores (the regions between the eyes and bill on the side of a bird’s head) and foreparts of cheeks are dull blue with bases of all feathers green. They have a large red patch to the back … Read more

Masked Shining Parrots

Both adults look alike. This is a bright green parrot with a long tail and a striking orange-yellow breast and belly. They have a black face that merges into sooty-black towards the beak. There breast and upper abdomen are yellow turning to orange on the lower abdomen. The outer webs of the primary feathers are … Read more

King Parrots

Overview on this species provided by Dr. Rob Marshall (with additional information added by Avianweb) The lavishly colored, long-tailed King Parrots originate from the East coast of Australia, New Guinea, and various Indonesian islands The male has a fiery appearance, with scarlet colorations extending from the back of the neck, over the head and down to the underside of … Read more