My Pineapple Conure

On September 15, 2015 I Had Got A Pineapple Conure… I’ll Try To Make This Story As Short As Possible. 2-3 Weeks Before September 15, 2015 I Got Him My Husband, And I Went In To See Him… He Was The Sweetest Bird. We Got To Interact With Him For A Good 15-20 Minute, He Didn’t Try To Beak Me, Or Bite Me Once, We Fell In Love With Him So Fast. This Girl Told Us Or Warned Us That Works At That Pet Store That She Has Bitten By Him, And i Though That Was Strange, Because He Was So Good With Me O.k. The 1st Few Days He Was So Good Sweet, And Nice.

Scarlet macaw

Can someone tell me how I can make sure that my Scarlet macaw has excessive saliva or not? I notice, he has saliva more then my Blue & Gold, but as far as his activities, he is doing just fine. Free flight every day with no problems, except after flying sometimes saliva come out of his mouth. BTW he is one year old. I would be greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me. Thanks in advance.

Conure Eggs Help!

My green cheek conure laid 4 eggs, 2 of which cracked (she didn’t lay in nesting box, she laid on a branch, and eggs dropped to bottom of cage). So I have these two eggs in a homemade incubator, humidity, 99 degree temp, but I have no idea what to do when they hatch! They were laid on the 2nd and 5th of April, but I cannot find anything online about what to do when they hatch, only info for eggs, not chicks. Please help me! I need advice on what to do, because all I know is that people feed them Kaytee Extract formula, (my pet store has it) but that’s it. 

Egg bound budgie.

I have a budgie which is egg bound.  There is an egg shaped, egg sixed protrusion distended from her abdomen.

Today I took her to the vet who undertook an x-ray and came back saying that because there is nothing showing on the x ray then the problem is not an egg but instead is constipation.

Please bear in mind that I am in Thailand.  This is not an excuse for bad vetrenary practice but standards are not what they are in the west.

I am not a vet but my bird appears to be pooing ok.  I want to know what I can do. 

Breeding Eclectus

I bought a pair of Eclectus a couple of weeks ago from a breeder. This is a new pair that was introduced Spring 2014.  The female is 6 and has hatched and raised babies with her previous mate ( who had an accident with the previous ownders dog and died)  and the new male is 7 and is unproven. They had a clutch of clear eggs together before I bought them. I’ve noticed the male mating with his perch recently, is there any way to stop him from mating with the perch? I would love to raise Eclectus but I don’t think him mating with the perch is going to produce beautiful babies.

Are Amazon Parrots Aggressive? How To Deal With One?

Our pet amazon parrot Emerald and dog have been been living together for years in harmony until recently. My parrot now started to attack and chase our dog who is well trained and tolerant of our pet bird. However, we are concerned of him snapping at the bird one day if the abuse continues.

Emerald climbs down off her cage to try to bite him and to chase him out of the room. She also does this to other family members or visitors. She never did that before. She seems to be jealous. She will even come after me if I stop her from attacking others.