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Full Article: Demystifying the Avian CBC: The Complete Blood Count

Blood collection techniques. Methods of collecting blood in the avian patient:

  • The leg vein (medial metatarsal vein) is a good source, but it collapses easily and can prolong the sampling time. Still, it is the preferred site due to ease of blood withdrawal.
  • The wing vein (cutaneous ulnar vein) is not a preferred site since it collapses easily and may prolong the sampling time.
  • The right jugular vein is good for taking large samples; the right side is larger, so it is the preferred side for venipuncture.
  • The toenail clip is the least preferred site. It is easily accessible, but painful, and the blood sample may become contaminated if the nail has feces or food on it. Also, samples often contain blood cells that have ruptured.
  • Large or easily stressed patients may need to be sedated or lightly anesthetized for the procedure.

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