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A, an, ana: without, no

Ab: away from

Ad: toward

Aer/Aero: oxygen/air

Adipo: fat

Anem: blood condition

Anti: against

Auto: self, within

Blephar: eyellids

Chezein: feces

Copr: feces

Chrome/chromo: color

Cyan: blue discoloration

Cyto: cell

Dys: bad, painful, difficult

Ecto: outside

Endo: inside, within

Epi: above

Eu: good, easy, normal

Ex,exo: without, out of, outside, away from

Extra: outside

Hetero: other, dissimilar

Histo: tissue


Hyper: more than normal

Hypo: less than normal

Illi: hip

Infra: below, beneath

Inter: between

Intra: within

Isch: to hold back


Leu/leuko: white

Leio/lio: smooth

Lipid/lipo: fat

Meso: middle

Meta: beyond

Myco: fungus

Myelo: bone marrow, where body makes cells

Myxo: mucous, slime

Neo: new

Oligo: scant, little

Onco: tumor, mass

Onycho: nails

Pan: all

Para: alongside, associated with, closely resembling true form, beyond, outside of, faulty, irregular, abnormal, accessory to, against, apart from

Per: throughout

Peri: around, before, during, after

Phagia: eat, swallow

Poly: many, excessive

Pre: before

Post: after

Proprio: owns own

Sub: beneath, below, nearly, almost, under, less

Super, supra: above, beyond, excessive

Thelo: nipple, thin membrane

Thymo: thymus, mind, soul, emotions

Tono:tone, tension

Trans: across

Ultra: above, increased, more than normal

Vaso: vessel or duct, circulatory

“Pertaining To” suffixes, “as in”

-ac: cardiac, heart

-al: renal, kidney

-an: ovarian, ovary

-ar: lumbar, lower back 

-are: alimentary, GI track

-eal: laryngeal, larynx

-ic: enteric, intestines

-ous: skin

-tic: nephrotic, kidneys

-prandial: a meal


-algia: pain

-ase: enzyme ending

-blast: immature stage in cellular development before appearance of definitive characteristics of the cell;

-centesis: surgical puncture to remove fluid or gas

-cyte: cell -dynia: pain

-ectasis: distending, stretching

-ectomy: surgical procedure to remove organ

-emia: blood condition

-gram: record of

-graph: recording instrument

-graphy: written, studied about, recording procedure

-iasis: parasite infestation; name preceeds suffix, e.g., trichomoniasis

-itis: inflammation

-lith: body or mass

-lithiasis: presence of stones

-lysis: break down, loosen, decomposition

-logy: study of

-malacia: abnormal softening

-megaly: enlargement

-mycin: substance derived from bacteria

-oma: tumor, neoplasm, or specific tissue which precedes suffix, e.g., lipomas, fatty tumor

-ometry: measurement

-osis:/otic: increased number, abnormal actions, conditions or states, disorders

-osis: disease caused by organism whose name precedes it, e.g., salmonellosis

-pathy: disease or condition of

-penia: deficiency, reduced number

-pexy: suture to stabilize, e.g., gastropexy: suture to abdominal wall

-philia: attraction for, increased numbers

-plasia: formation, development, growth of tissue and cell numbers; change is size or tissue and cells; describes problems with tissue formation

-plasty: surgical repairs, e.g., rhinoplasty, repair of nose

-poietic/poiesis: formation

-ptosis: drooping, dropping down, e.g., prolapsis

-rrhage/rrhagia: bursting forth

-rrhaphy: to suture

-rrhea: flow, discharge

-rrhexis: rupture

-sclerosis: abnormal hardening

-scope: procedure to visually examine

-stomy: incision, cut into

-thymia: condition of the mind

-trophy: formation, development, increase in size of tissue

-tropic: having an affinity for or attraction to

-um: structure

-uro,-uria: of urinary tract, urine’

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