Bechstein’s Violet-necked Lories (Eos squamata riciniata)

Lories and Lorikeets: Overview (Naming, Range and Description)

Bechstein’s Violet-necked Lory

The Bechstein’s Violet-necked Lories (Eos squamata riciniata) are endemic to some of the Indonesian Islands, specifically Weda Island, Indonesia, Islands of the Northern Moluccas / Maluku Islands. They are endangered in their natural habitats (CITES II).

They tend to travel in pairs or small groups up to ten foraging for food (flowers and fruit) in the canopy.



The Violet-necked Lories are playful, acrobatic and want to be part of everything the family is doing. These lories are fairly good at mimicking speech and other sounds in their environment. Their expected lifespan is 15+ years.



Bechstein’s Violet-necked Lories are slightly larger than the nominate Violet-necked Lories. They average 10 inches (25 – 26 cm) in length.

They look very similar to the nominate species, except for the greyish-violet band over the breast and back of crown. Some birds havea greyish-violet crown but a red nape (back of the neck). The shoulder feathers are red.


Lories as Pets or in Aviculture:

Due to their endangered status, any suitable specimen that cannot be released back into their natural habitat (native range) should preferably be placed into a well-managed breeding program to ensure the continued survival of this species.



Family: Loriidae

Genus: Scientific: Eos … English: Red Lorys … Dutch: Rode lori … German: Rotloris … French: Lori rouge

Species: Scientific: Eos squamata riciniata … English: Bechstein’s Violet-necked Lory … Dutch: Bechsteins Violetneklori … German: Bechsteins Kapuzenlori … French: Lori à chaperon


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