Bismarck or Black-headed White-eye (Zosterops hypoxanthus)

The Bismarck White-eyes or Black-headed White-eyes (Zosterops hypoxanthus) are sometimes considered conspecific (to be the same species) as the Black-fronted White-eye of the mainland of New Guinea.

Distribution / Range

They are endemic to the Bismarck Archipelago (western Pacific Ocean) in Papua New Guinea, where they occur in New Britain, New Ireland and a number of smaller islands.

They are found in forests, forest edges, secondary forest, gardens and plantations, generally in hill and mountain areas and more rarely down to sea level.


It has a black face, dark olive neck, back and wings, and olive rump with a black tail (paler in some subspecies), and bright yellow undersides. The white eye-ring is bright but incomplete, broken at the front.

Females and males look alike.

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