Black-and-gold Cotingas (Tijuca atra)

The Black-and-gold Cotinga (Tijuca atra) is a Cotinga endemic to humid Atlantic Forest in the highlands of the Serra do Mar in south-eastern Brazil.

Even though this species is endangered in its natural range due to habitat destruction, it remains relatively common within several national parks, for example Serra dos Órgãos and Itatiaia.

Description / Species ID:

This species is highly sexually dimorphic (= males and females can be visually sexed).

Except for a bright yellow wing-speculum (= distinctive wing patch), males are superficially similar to the male Common Blackbird, while the far less conspicuous females are overall olive.

Females resemble both sexes of the Grey-winged Cotinga, but are larger, have a thicker bill, and yellowish-olive (not grey) remiges (flight feathers – typically only visible in flight).

Calls / Vocalizations

Males are highly vocal. Their loud, piercing whistles are frequently heard.

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