Black-billed Turacos, Tauraco schuetti

The Black-billed Turaco, Tauraco schuetti, is a medium-sized turaco, that can be found in the forests of Central Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, West Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and southern Sudan.

It is a widespread species, and is not threatened globally.


This turaco averages 40cm in length; ranging in weight from 199-272 g.

Adults are similar to Green Turaco, distinguished by a small, all black bill and rounded whitish crest.

Call / Song:

Its call is a resonant “kwah khaw kwah”.

Breeding / Nesting:

The hen lays two eggs in a platform of twigs around 3 or 5 meters above the ground. Both the male and female defend a territory and share with incubation duties.

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