Black-vented Shearwaters

The Black-vented Shearwater (Puffinus opisthomelas) is a seabird.


It mostly occurs over the sea, in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. It comes closer to land than most other shearwaters.

The Black-vented Shearwatrer typically nests on offshore islands off north and western Baja California, namely Isla de Guadalupe, Islas San Benito and Isla Natividad.

This seabird is fairly common off the United States coast of central and southern California during the country’s colder months.


The bird measures about 30-38 cm in size and have a 76 – 89 cm wingspan.


Black-vented Shearwater are believed to mostly feed on small fish.

Nesting / Breeding

The Black-vented Shearwater nests in colonies, usually in burrows and caves.

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