Black Cuckoo



The Black Cuckoo (Cuculus clamosus) is a species of cuckoo that is widely distributed across sub-Saharan Africa.



The subspecies Cuculus clamosus gabonensis is a resident in Central Africa.

The migratory Southern African subspecies Cuculus clamosus clamosus breeds in Southern Africa in September to December. In March it migrates to Central, Eastern and West Africa for the winter..



The Black Cuckoo is a medium sized cuckoo with varying plumages by subspecies. .

  • Cuculus clamosus clamosus is either almost entirely black with a white buff on the chest or entirely black
  • Cuculus clamosus gabonensis is mostly black with a red throat and black and white barring on the belly.



The Black Cuckoo is a brood parasite, which mostly places its eggs in the nests of bushshrikes – particularly the Tropical Boubou and Crimson-breasted Shrike.


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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