Blue Hummingbirds – Species Identification Resource

Hummingbirds typically have iridescent (glossy) plumages, and the “blue” details may look purple, black or other colors – depending on the angle of view or the angle of illumination.

Swallow-tailed or Cayenne Fork-tailed Hummingbird (Campylopterus. macrourus)

  • Range: East-central South America
Swallow-tailed Hummingbird (Campylopterus. macrourus)

Violet Sabrewings (Campylopterus hemileucurus)

  • Range: Southern Mexico through Costa Rica to western Panama.

Royal Sunangels (Heliangelus regalis)

  • Range: South American – in the Andes of northern Peru and adjacent south-eastern Ecuador
Violet Sabrewings (Campylopterus hemileucurus)
Royal Sunangel (Heliangelus regalis) Male

Hummingbird Resources

Fork-tailed Woodnymph Hummingbirds (Thalurania furcata)

  • Range: Most occur in Central and South America. One race is found in western Mexico.
Fork-tailed Woodnymph (Thalurania furcata)

Violet-crowned Woodnymph (Thalurania colombica)

  • Range: Central and South America. Found on the Caribbean slope of Guatemala and Belize south to northern Colombia and western Venezuela,
Violet-crowned Woodnymph (Thalurania colombica)
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