Bronze Manakins

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The Bronze Mannikin (Lonchura cucullata) is a small estrildid finch that breeds in much of Africa south of the Sahara Desert. They are found in open country and cultivation,particularly near water.



The Bronze Mannikin averages 9-10cm in length, including its long black tail.

Males and females look alike.The adult has a stubby grey bill and a dark purple head. It is brown above and white below, with dark flank markings. They have iridescent green shoulder patches.

Immature birds are plain brown above with a buff head and underparts.


Breeding / Nesting:

The nest is a large domed grass structure in a tree. The average clutch size consists of 4 – 8 white eggs.

Bronze Mannikins also build communal roosting nests, which they use overnight and dismantle and rebuild the next day.


Call / Vocalization:

Its varied calls, includes a rreep-rreeep in flight and a twittering made when perched.


Diet / Feeding:

The Bronze Mannikin feeds on a variety of seeds. Insects may be taken during the breeding season, when their requirement for protein is higher.


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