Brown Warbler (Sylvia lugens)

The Brown Warblers (Sylvia lugens) – also known as Brown Parisomas, Brown Sylvias, Brown Tit Flycatchers or Brown Tit Warblers – are typical warblers found in Africa.

Subspecies and Ranges:

  • Sylvia lugens lugens (Rüppell, 1840) – Nominate Form
    • Range: Occur in the Ethiopian Highlands, except for the Bale Mountains, where they are replaced by ssp. griseiventris below).
  • Sylvia lugens griseiventris (Érard, 1978)
    • Range: Bale Mountains – also known as Urgoma Mountains – in the Oromia Region of southeast Ethiopia.
  • Kenya Brown Warbler (Sylvia lugens jacksoni – Sharpe, 1899)
    • Range: Southern Sudan and Uganda (in the Didinga and Imatong mountain ranges), Kenya, northern Tanzania, southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (CDR) in the Marungu Highlands and the Republic of Malawi.
  • Sylvia lugens prigoginei (Schouteden, 1952)
    • Range: Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – northwest of the Tanganyika Lake and the Itombwe Highlands.
  • Sylvia lugens clara (Meise, 1934)
    • Range: Found in the Matengo Highlands in the western part of the mountainous area of Mbinga District, Ruvuma Region in southern Tanzania.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ??? … Czech: Palašník / p?nice hn?dá … Danish: Brunsanger … Dutch: Bruine Meeszanger … Finnish: Ruskotiaiskerttu … French: Fauvette bruntre, Parisome brune … German: Braungrasmücke, Braunmeisensänger … Italian: Parisoma bruno, Silvia bruna … Japanese: Chairokarahitaki, chairokaramushikui … Norwegian: Sørgesanger … Polish: Pokrzewica brazowa … Russian: ????? ??????? ?????? … Slovak: Penica hnedochrbtá … Spanish: Curruca Parda … Swedish: Brun parisoma

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