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Budgerigar / Budgie/ Parakeet Health Program

Author: Rob Marshall – Avian Vet

Over the past 5-10 years the budgerigar fancy has become very well informed as to the importance of a healthy flock for breeding and show success.

However, the budgerigar fancier has failed to understand that true and continuing health relies more upon a strong level of natural resistance in the budgerigar flock rather than upon the use of medicines.

A flock with a strong natural resistance will rarely experience health problems when the aviary is well managed, but the flock with a low level of natural resistance will experience health problems irrespective of the level of aviary management employed.

For this reason, the fancier must think carefully about developing a flock with strong levels of natural resistance and practice good aviary management if continuing good health is to be enjoyed.

The health systems that Dr Marshall have developed for budgerigars concentrate on first developing natural health within the flock then using medicines wisely to maximize breeding and show success.

The health systems are divided into categories for breeding birds, aviary birds and show birds.
The breeding systems are designed to maximize the breeding potential of the flock. The aviary systems maintain and enhance health and the show bird systems bring the birds into the peak of health for top show performance.

The ultimate goal is to produce the champion budgerigar.
There are many successful methods used to prepare Exhibition Budgerigars for the show.

It is the strict attention to detail and careful planning which separates the very best fanciers from the rest.

Success in the show arena is solely dependent upon the results of the breeding season. For this reason, preparations for a successful show campaign must begin well before this time.

The correct selection of the breeding pairs and the production of healthy and robust youngsters lay the foundation for a successful show season.

A strong foundation of good health paves the way for a successful show season.

Nowadays, the time spent with the birds is often limited by work and family commitments.
This means that realistic goals and careful planning are needed for the continuing success and enjoyment of this very challenging hobby.

The joy of keeping and showing budgerigars and the camaraderie within the Budgerigar Society must not be spoilt by the disappointment of failing to achieve unrealistic goals, because of time restraints.

If your time is limited, then lower the numbers and varieties of birds that are exhibited and set the birds up for just one or two major shows a year.

The custom-made health program is the best option for the busy fancier.
A custom-made health program is by far the best and most cost effective way of controlling disease and enhancing breeding performance and show success.

The health programs are designed after analyzing the droppings and talking with the fancier.

The Basic Health Programme

Day of WeekWater SupplementsFood SupplementsAdditional Instructions
MondayFresh waterSoft Food Recipes with Turbobooster and an energy supplement on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. See Budgerigar Medicine Book for recipes.INSECT CONTROL
Ivermectin type medicine for 2 consecutive days each 3 weeks. Coopex aviary at the same time. WORM CONTROL
A wormer for 2 consecutive days each month. COCCIDIOSIS CONTROL
Coccidiosis prevention for 3 days each 5 weeks. Megamix for each day for up to 4 days of rain.
TuesdayFresh water
WednesdayFresh water
ThursdayFresh water
FridayWater Cleanser

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