Buff-throated Saltator

The Buff-throated Saltator, Saltator maximus, is a seedeating bird that is found in southeastern Mexico south to western Ecuador and northeastern Brazil in South America, where it is typically found in dense vegetation.


The Buff-throated Saltator averages 20 cm in length (including tail) and weighs about 42-52 g. The adult has a slate-grey head with a white supercilium (line above eye) and a greenish crown. The upper plumage is olive green and the plumage below is grey becoming buff on the lower belly, and the throat is buff, edged with black. The thick bill and legs are black.

Juveniles are duller and have a white-mottled blackish throat and chest, and brown markings on the lower underparts.

Call / Vocalization

Its call is described as a high seeeer. Males duet melodiously with a warbled cheery cheery answered by cheery to you.

Diet / Feeding

The Buff-throated Saltator feeds on various fruits, nectar, buds and insects. It forages at low and mid levels, sometimes with mixed species flocks.


The average clutch consists of two pale blue eggs measuring some 22-32 mm long by about 16.5-21.5 mm wide and weighing about 4.8-6.1 grams each. The bulky cup nest is placed up to 2 m high in a tree or bush.

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