Bugun Liocichlas, Liocichla bugunorum

The Bugun Liocichla (Liocichla bugunorum) is a newly discovered, small babbler.

It was found in 1995 at an altitude of 2000 meters on disturbed hillsides that were covered with shrubs and small trees, on the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunchal Pradesh, India.

Only 14 specimens have been counted, but the population is likely to be larger.


The Bubun Liocichla measures about 22 cm in length, including the tail.

The plumage is mostly olive-grey plumage with a black cap and black upper tail. There is a yellow streak on either side of the black eyes. The wings and tail feathers are red-tipped. There are also yellow markings and white on the wings.

The female is a duller version of the male, with less extensive red markings on the wings or replaced by yellow (under the tail).

Calls / Vocalization

Its call was described as fluty and distinctive.

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