Calonectris – genus

Calonectris is a genus of seabirds. It comprises three large shearwaters. They are long-distance migrants.

Recognized Species

They may be distinct species (Heidrich et al. 1998

  • Genus Calonectris
    • Streaked Shearwater, C. leucomelas – They disperse from the east Asian breeding islands throughout the western Pacific and into the eastern Indian Ocean.
    • Cory’s Shearwater, C. (diomedea) borealis – They breed in the Mediterranean – on the Azores, the Canary Islands and Madeira.
      • Scopoli’s Shearwater, C. (diomedea) diomedea
    • Cape Verde Shearwater, C. edwardsii


They are long-winged birds, with a dark brown or grey-brown upper plumage and being mostly white below.

Nesting / Breeding

These colonial breeders are mostly found over the oceans, but will come to islands and coastal cliffs to breed. They nest in burrows and often give eerie contact calls on their nighttime visits. The typical nest consists of one single white egg.

Diet / Feeding

They feed on fish, squid and similar oceanic food. They may follow fishing boats to take scraps.

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