Spotted Catbird, Ailuroedus melanotis

Grey Catbirds

The name “Catbird” is applied to either unrelated or distantly related songbird families that have in common a voice that resembles a cat’s meowing.



The plumages of catbirds vary from grey, blue-grey, greyish-brown to nearly blackish, possibly with dark / black markings.


Diet / Feeding

Their diet depends on the species — with some species mostly eating insects (taken in flight) and some fruits. Other species mostly eat fruits and green food; while some take fruit, seeds, flowers, insects and even the eggs or chicks of other birds.


Breeding / Nesting

The nests are usually constructed out of twigs, grass, leaves, bark and roots; and lined with fine grass in bushes, vines and low trees often near creeks.


CatbirdsAustralasian catbirds:


American Catbirds


African Catbirds

The Abyssinian Catbird (Parophasma galinieri)

White-eared Catbird (Ailuroedus buccoides)

Green Catbird, Ailuroedus crassirostris


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