Chinese Goshawks

The Chinese Goshawks (Accipiter soloensis) are also known as Chinese Sparrowhawk.

Distribution / Range

They breed in South-east China, Taiwan, Korea and Siberia; winters in Indonesia and Philippines, passing through the rest of South-east Asia.

They mostly live in forests, but may frequent forest edges.

Its population is estimated to consist of 10,000 and 100,000 individuals.

Chinese Goshawk


The Chinese Goshawk measures 30 – 36cm in length. The female is typically larger than the male. Adults have prominent black wing tips.

Males are grey above and white below. They have red eyes.

Females are rufous-colored on the chest and underwing coverts. They have yellow eyes.

Juveniles have a grey face, brown upper plumage and yellow eyes. The top underparts are streaked, while the thighs are barred. The black wing tips are not as prominent and underwings streaked.

Diet / Feeding

The Chinese Goshawks mostly feed on frogs, but will take lizards as well.

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