Cirl Bunting

Cirl BuntingThe Cirl Buntings (Emberiza cirlus) breed across southern Europe, on the Mediterranean islands and in north Africa. It is a resident of these warmer areas, and does not migrate in winter.

They are found in all sorts of open areas with some scrub or trees, but has a preference for sunny slopes.



The Cirl Bunting measures 15-16.5 cm in length.

It has a thick seed-eater’s bill.

The male has a bright yellow head, with a black eyestripe and throat, and a greenish breast band across its otherwise yellow underparts, and a heavily streaked brown back.

The female has a streaked grey-brown rump and chestnut shoulders.


Calls / Vocalizations

The male’s song is described as a monotonous s rattling trill.

Cirl Bunting


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