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White and Pink Cockatoos Below … Black Cockatoos

Below are images of the different cockatoo species. Each photo is linked the respective species page with information and more photos.

Galah CockatooTimor Cockatoo
Umbrella CockatooLeadbeater Cockatoo
Blue-eyed CockatooLeadbeater's Cockatoo
Triton CockatooSulphur-crested CockatooAbbott's Cockatoo

Citron-crested CockatooDucorp's Cockatoo

Goffins CockatooLesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Little CorellaLong-billed Corella
Umbrella CockatooMollucan Cockatoo
Rescued Goffin's Cockatoo

Black Cockatoos:

Gang Gang CockatooGlossy Black Cockatoo
Palm CockatooRed-tailed Cockatoo
Short-billed Black CockatooMale Baudin’s Black Cockatoo(Calyptorhynchus baudinii)Male Yellow Black-tailed Cockatoo



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