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The Collared Trogons (Trogon collaris) breed in Mexico, Central America and South America south to Peru and the Amazon basin. The subspecies T. c. exoptatus occurs in eastern Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

They inhabit tropical forests, where it nests in a hole in a termite nest or tree. The average clutch consists of two white eggs.They typically perch upright and motionless.

The Collared Trogon measures, on average, 28cm in length. The back, head and breast of the male are green, and a white line separates the breast from the pink underparts. The tail is white with black barring, and the wings are black, vermiculated with white.

The female is has a brown back, head and breast, and the under plumage is pink rather than the male’s red.

Collared Trogons feed on insects and fruit, and their broad bills and weak legs reflect their diet and arboreal habits. Although their flight is fast, they are reluctant to fly any distance.

The call is described as a plaintive caow, caow, caow.


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