Connecticut WarblerThe Connecticut Warbler (Oporornis agilis) are small songbirds found in central Canada and states bordering the Great Lakes. They migrate to the Amazon River area in South America in winter.

They measure about 15 cm in length. The upper plumage is olive-colored and the plumage below is light yellow. They have a light eye rings, pink legs, a long tail, pale wing bars and a thin pointed bill.

Males can be identified by the grey hood.

Females and juveniles have a more brownish plumage and have a whitish throat.

They breed in open deciduous woods (especially with poplar or aspen), often near water.

The open cup nest is well hidden in moss or a clump of grass.

They forage on the ground, picking among dead leaves, or hop along branches.

These birds mostly feed on insects and sometimes seeds and berries.

The song of this bird is described as a loud repeated cheepa-cheepa. The call is a nasal pitch.

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