Listing of Conure Species with Links to Species Information Pages

Here is our comprehensive list of Conure species and sub-species, with links to informational pages and photos for each species on this page.

Blue-crowned Conure

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The Most Common Captive Conure Species

The more common, or well-known, Conure species are the following:

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Andean Patagonian Conures
Argentinia Conures
Argentinia White-eyed Conures
Aruba Conures or Aruba Brown-throated Conures
Austral Conures
Azara’s Conures
Aztec or Jamaican Conures or Olive-throated Conure
Azuero Conures


Beautiful Conures
Berlepsch’s Conures
Black-capped Conures
Black-masked Conures
Black-tailed Conures
Blaze-winged Conures
Blood-eared Conures
Blue Crown Conures aka Blue Crowned Conures
Blue-throated Conures
Bolivian Blue-crowned Conures
Bonaire Brown-throated Conures
Branicki’s Conures
Brazilian Grey-breasted Conures
Brazilien Brown-throated Conures
Brewster’s Green Conures
Brown-breasted Conures
Brown-eared Conures
Brown-throated or St. Thomas Conures


Cactus Conures
Carolina Conures
Carriker’s Conures
Chapman’s Conures (Pyrrhura melanura chapmani)
Chapman’s Conures (Aratinga alticola) formerly referred to as Chapman’s Mitred Conures (Aratinga m. alticola)
Cherry-headed Conures / Red Masked Conures
Chilian Conures
Chiriqui Conures
Colombian Brown-throated Conures
Colombian Conures
Crimson-bellied Conures
Crimson-tailed Conures
Cuban Conures
Cubiro Red-eared Conures


Demerara Conures
Deville’s Conures
Dusky-headed or Weddell’s Conures
Dwarf Conures aka Jamaican Conure

Sun ConureE:

Eastern Aztec Conures
Ecuadorian White-eyed Conures
El Oro Conures
Emma’s White-eared Conures


Fiery-shouldered Conures
Finsch’s Conures


Golden Cap Conures aka Golden-capped Conures aka Flame-capped Conures
Golden Conures aka Queen of Bavaria’s Conures
Golden-crowned Conures
Golden-headed Conures
Golden-plumed Conures
Fiery-shouldered / Gran Sabana Conures
Greater Patagonian
Greater Peach-fronted Conures
Green Conures
Green-cheeked Conures aka Yellow Sided Conures
Grey-breasted Conures
Guiana Brown-throated Conures


Half Moon Conures
Hellmayr’s Parakeets or Conures
Hispaniolan Conures
Hoffmann’s Conures


Jamaican Conures
Jandaya / Jenday Conures aka Flaming Conure aka Yellow-headed Parakeet
Jaraquiel Conures


Lesser Patagonian Conures
Louisiana Parakeets


Magdalena Conures
Magellan Conures
Margarita Brown-throated Conures
Margarita Conures
Maroon-bellied Conures
Maroon-tailed Conures
Miritiba Pearly Conures
Mitred Conures
Molina Conures
Monagas White-eared Conures

Blue-throated Conure


Nanday Conures
Neumann’s Pearly Conures
Nicaraguan Green Conures


Olive-throated Conures
Orange-cheeked Conures
Orange-fronted Conures aka Petz Conure aka Half-moon Conure
Orinoco Blue-crowned Conures


Pacific Black-tailed Conures
Pacific Parakeets or Nicaraguan Green Conures (Aratinga holochlora strenua)
Painted Conures
Pale Cactus Conures
Pantchenko’s Conures
Patagonian Conures aka Lesser Patagonian Conures
Peach-fronted Conures
Pearly Conures
Peter’s Conures
Petz’s Conures
Pfrimer’s Conures
Pyrrhura Conures (the smallest of the Conure family, which includes Green-cheek Conures, Maroon-bellied Conures, Painted Conures, Black-capped Conures, Pearly Conures, Souance Conures, White-eared Conures, Rose-fronted Conures, Crimson-bellied Conures, Hoffman’s Conures)
Prince Lucian’s or Deville’s Conures


Queen of Bavaria’s Conures


Red-collared Conures
Red-eared Conures
Red-fronted Conures
Red-headed Conures
Red-masked Conures aka Cherry-headed Conures
Red-rumped Conures.
Red-speckled Conures
Red-throated Conures
Rock Conures
Rose-crowned Conures
Roseifrons or Rose-fronted Conures
Rose-headed Conures


Saint Thomas Brown-throated Conures
San Domingo Conures
Sandia Conures
Santa Cruz Conures
Santa Marta Conures
Santarém Conures
Scarlet-fronted Conures
Sharp-tailed Conures
Sinú Brown-throated Conures
Slender-billed Conures aka Long-billed Conures
Smaller Painted Conures
Socorro Green Conures
Sordid Conures
Souancé’s Black-tailed Conures
Southern Green-cheeked Conures
Southern Mexican Petz’s Conures
Sulphur-winged Conures
St. Thomas Conures
Sun Conures aka Yellow Conures
Surinam Brown-throated Conures aka Surinam Conures


Tapajos Brown-throated Conures
Tortuga Brown-throated Conures


Venezuelan Blue-crowned Conures
Venezuelan Brown-throated Conures
Veragua Brown-throated Conures


Wagler’s Pearly Conures
Weddell’s Conures
Western Mexican Petz’s Conures
White-eyed Conures
White-eared Conures
White-necked Conures


Yellow Conures
Yellow-eared Conures
Yellow-headed Conures
Yellow-sided Conures

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