Blue-crowned Conure

Conures as PetsPhotos of the Different Conure Species for Identification


The Most Common Captive Conure Species

The more common, or well-known, conure species are the following:

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Conure Species Starting with “A”

Conure Species Starting with “B”

Conure Species Starting with “C”


Demerara Conures
Deville’s Conures
Dusky-headed or Weddell’s Conures
Dwarf Conures aka Jamaican Conure

Sun ConureE:

Eastern Aztec Conures
Ecuadorian White-eyed Conures
El Oro Conures
Emma’s White-eared Conures


Fiery-shouldered Conures
Finsch’s Conures

Conure Species Starting with “G”


Half Moon Conures
Hellmayr’s Parakeets or Conures
Hispaniolan Conures
Hoffmann’s Conures


Jamaican Conures
Jandaya / Jenday Conures aka Flaming Conure aka Yellow-headed Parakeet
Jaraquiel Conures


Lesser Patagonian Conures
Louisiana Parakeets

Conure Species Starting with “M”

Blue-throated ConureN:

Nanday Conures
Neumann’s Pearly Conures
Nicaraguan Green Conures


Olive-throated Conures
Orange-cheeked Conures
Orange-fronted Conures aka Petz Conure aka Half-moon Conure
Orinoco Blue-crowned Conures

Conure Species Starting with “P”


Queen of Bavaria’s Conures

Conure Species Starting with “R”

Conure Species Starting with “S”


Tapajos Brown-throated Conures
Tortuga Brown-throated Conures


Venezuelan Blue-crowned Conures
Venezuelan Brown-throated Conures
Veragua Brown-throated Conures


ConuJamaican Conurere Species Starting with “W”, “X”, “Y” or “Z”


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