Cyprus Warbler (Sylvia melanothorax)

The Cyprus Warbler (Sylvia melanothorax) is a small migratory birds that breeds on Cyprus and winters in in Israel, Jordan and Egypt.


The adult male has a grey back, black head, white malar streaks (“moustaches”), and, uniquely among typical warblers, underparts heavily streaked with black.

The adult female is mainly grey above, with a greyer head, and whitish with only light spotting.

Nesting / Breeding

They breed in dry open country, often on hill slopes, with bushes for nesting. The nest is built in low shrub or gorse. The average clutch consists of 3 – 5 eggs.

Song / Vocalizations

The Cyprus Warbler’s song is described as fast and rattling.

Diet / Feeding

It mostly feeds on insects, but may also take berries.

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