Desert WheatearThe Desert Wheatear (Oenanthe deserti) is a migratory insectivorous African wheatear.

The western Desert Wheatear is found in the Sahara and the northern Arabian peninsula; while the eastern form occurs in the semi-deserts of central Asia and in winter in India and northeast Africa. Both forms are rare vagrants to western Europe.


The Desert Wheatear measures 14.5 -15 cm (5.6 inches) in length.

The breeding (summer) plumage of the male is buff above and white with a buff tinge on the chest. He has a black face and throat extending to the shoulders, with a distinct white curving streak above its eyes (known as superciliary stripe). The tail is black.

The female is greyer above and buffer below and has no black on the throat, and in the winter plumage the black on the throat of the male is obscured by white tips.


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