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Index of Avian Diseases

Budgie Sunny suffered from scaly mites

Bird Diseases / Alphabetic Listing:

Bird Diseases: D – M

Depluming ScabiesDiabetes

E-coli InfectionEgg BindingEgg Laying (Chronic) … Egg Yolk Peritonitis / Egg PeritonitisEmphysemaEye Problems

Fatty TumorsFeather Cysts / Feather LumpsFeather DisordersFeather LiceFeather Plucking / ChewingFibromasAvian Foot Chewing, Stomping, and Mutilation: The elusive cause: Avian Herpes Virus! 

Fowl CholeraFrench MoltFrost BitesFungal InfectionsToe Curling

GiardiaGizzard (Blocked)Gout

Heavy Metal PoisoningHemochromatosis

Hypothyroidism (Green & Healthy Website)

Infectious BronchitisInfectious Sinusitis

Influenza (Green & Healthy Website)

Injured / Cracked / Broken BeaksIron Storage Disease aka Iron Overload Disease (IOD)

Joint Diseases

Kidney Disease / ProblemsKnemidokoptes pilae

Lameness: Limping / Foot & Leg Problems – including paralysis and leg weakness … LaryngotracheitisLead PoisoningLimpingLipomas (Tumors) … Liver DiseaseLoss of Voice

Macaw Wasting DiseaseMarek’s DiseaseMegabacteria / MegabacteriosisMetal PoisoningMites & LiceMoniliasis (Crop Mycosis, Thrush) … MutilationMyialges NudusMycobacterim

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