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Feral Muscovie Ducks photographed in Michigan - probably two males

Muscovy DucksPests or Beneficial?

Muscovies are considered pests by some because of their droppings or constant begging for food. Children or bird-loving adults delight in feeding the adorable muscovy ducklings. This has conditioned them to associate humans with food.

Not everybody appreciates being followed by these semi-tame ducks or having to clean up after them. Problems with feral populations.

Muscovie DucklingsBug Control:

The major benefit associated with having these ducks in urban areas is that they help keep insect populations down, such as mosquitoes, roaches, flies, spiders (including poisonous ones) and even ants. They will basically eat any bug they can find. Muscovies also eat maggots and mosquito larva in the water, thus making a huge difference when it comes to insect control.

They catch bugs flying around and those they find on the ground or under rocks.

Weed Control:

Muscovies are efficient weed eaters. But on the downside, they will also go for your vegetables and fruits — so those need to be protected.

Rodent Control:

Muscovies eat all the excess food laying around that would otherwise attract mice and rats.

Muscovy Hen

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