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Respiratory Signs, Chronic Depression, Weightloss: Aspergillosis (fungal disease), bacterial infections / pneumonia, nutritional deficiencies (Hypovitaminosis A), inhaled toxins. … Sarcocystosis


Feather Plucking


Bad Feather / Beak Condition; Missing and Misshapen Feathers: Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). A deadly, highly contagious (air-borne disease). Only supportive treatment available. No cure.


Annular Toe Deformities / Chick Deformities


Toe Tapping / Wing Flipping:

Description:   a condition where the toes repetitively extend and contract – may occur alone or in combination with wing flipping or feather plucking.

Toe tapping could be caused by:

  • Ingestions of foreign objects (i.e., toyparts, etc.). 
  • Fortified food items, such as bird treats, fortified seed mixes and even pasta also caused it. As soon as these foods were no longer fed, the toe-tapping stopped.  
  • Pellets: Most pellets contain harmful additives, such as artificial coloring / flavoring / preservatives, etc. 
  • Excess of dietary calcium or other nutrients  


Liver Problems – due to nutritional deficiencies. Due to their longer digestive tract, eclectuses require fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. If this need is ignored, health problems are commonly seen. One symptom of liver problems may be abnormal change in the color of the plumage. For example, feathers that should be green may turn red, or red feathers turn orange or yellow. Please refer to this webpage as an example.


They are susceptible to: PolyomaPsittacine Beak and Feather Disease, PBFD, Beak and FeatherSarcocystosis


Remember: All diseases associated with the listed symptoms are only SUGGESTED. There could be many other diseases causing those symptoms! Consult an avian vet.

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