Evening Grosbeaks

The Evening Grosbeaks, (Coccothraustes vespertinus) are large finches found in coniferous and mixed forest across Canada and the western mountainous areas of the United States and Mexico.


Length (including the short tail): 7.75 – 8.5 inches (19 – 21 cm)

Adult male:

  • Bright yellow forehead and body
  • Brown head
  • Large white patch in the wing.

Adult female:

  • Olive-brown plumage, greyer below
  • White patches in the wings.

Both genders have …

  • Short, black tails
  • Black wings
  • Large pale bill


Diet / Feeding:

These grosbeaks mostly feed on seeds, berries and insects.

They will also readily take advantage of bird feeders.



Chicks are raised in cup-shaped nests constructed out of twigs and other plant material. Their nests are typically placed on horizontal branches or in forks of trees.

Evening Grosbeak chickEvening Grosbeak Evening Grosbeak


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