The Ferruginous Antbirds (Drymophila ferruginea) are insectivorous birds that are endemic to Atlantic Forests in south-eastern Brazil, with a range that stretches from southeastern Bahia to northern Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and São Paulo.  They occupy low to middle levels of humid forests with bamboo thickets. 


This medium-sized antbird was named for its rusty-colored plumage (Latin ferrugineus “rusty-coloured” or “ferruginous”). 

The male has an orange-rufous colored body and black and white striped faces. The tail is long and black with white tips. The wings are dark with two white spotted bars.

The female is paler with a finely streaked grey crown.

SImilar Birds:

This Antbird is easily confused with the Bertoni’s antbird, with which it was formerly considered conspecific (the same species).  However, Ferruginous females can be identified by the grey (not brown) crown and males have less black on the back than Bertoni’s Antbirds.

Calls / Vocalizations:

Their calls are described as a “tit-tweeh” sounds.

Global Names: 

  • English:   Ferruginous Antbird
  • Catalan: formiguera rovellada
  • Czech: mravenčík ryšavobřichý
  • Danish: Rustrød Myresmutte
  • German: Rostbauch-Ameisenfänger
  • Spanish: Tiluchí Herrumbroso 
  • Finnish: ruostevatsamuura
  • French: Grisin rouilleux
  • Croatian: crnorepa mravarica
  • Italian: Formichiere tabaccato
  • Japanese:  akaharaonagaaridori / アカハラオナガアリドリ
  • Lithuanian: Rusvoji ilgauodegė skruzdinukė
  • Dutch: Witbrauwmiervogel
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: Rustmaurfugl
  • Norwegian: Rustmaurfugl
  • Polish: leśnica rdzawa
  • Portuguese: trovoada 
  • Russian: Рыжая муравьянка
  • Slovak: mravcovka červenkavá
  • Serbian: Rđasta mravarka
  • Swedish: rostmyrfågel
  • Ukrainian: Тілугі рудий
  • Chinese: 赤褐蚁鸟 / 赤褐蟻鳥



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