Finsch’s Amazon Parrots

The Lilac-crowned Amazon – also known as the Finsch’s Amazon Parrot – is endemic to the Pacific slopes of Mexico.


Lilac-crowns are on the small side, compared to other Amazon parrots, averaging 12 to 13 inches from head to tail tip.

This amazon is characterized by green plumage, a maroon forehead, and violet-blue crown. Their coloring resembles that of the Red-crowned Parrot, though the Lilac-crowned Amazon is less vibrant.. They have a light grey / horn-colored beak and green-grey / blue-grey feet.

Similar Species: They resemble the Red-crowned Amazon (Amazona viridigenalis), although plumage of the Lilac-crowned Amazon is less vibrant.

Lilac-crowned Amazon
Fisches Amazon

Personality / Training and Behavioral Guidance:

Lilac-crowned Amazons are considered good talkers; however, the quality isn’t considered as good as some of the other Amazon species. Some may never learn to talk at all. They are gentle birds with a quiet demeanor, which makes them a better pet than other more aggressive amazons.

They make wonderful companions for the compatible bird owners, and are appreciated for their clowny personality. They enjoy water and should be provided with showers, about 1 a week. If they are not showered, they will do it for themselves in their water bowl, which can make quite a mess.

Amazon ownership generally presents multiple challenges, such as excessive chewing – especially at certain stages in their life. They do discover their beaks as method of “disciplining us” once they are out of the “baby stage” and they can generally be somewhat naughty, and it really is important to learn to understand them and to guide their behavior before an undesirable behavior has been established. Aggressive behavior is especially common in “hormonal” amazons. Undisciplined amazons will chew on electric wiring potentially causing house fires. They regard anything in your home as a “toy” that can be explored and chewed on; destroying items that you may hold dear or are simply valuable.

Even a young bird that has not been neglected and abused requires proper guidance; this becomes even more challenging when it involves a rescued bird that may require rehabilitation.

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Lilac-crowned Amazon


Species: Scientific: Amazona finschi finschi … English: Lilac-crowned Amazon, Lilac-crowned Amazon … Dutch: Finsch’ Amazone … German: Blaukappenamazone … French: Amazone de Finsch CITES II – Endangered Species

Sub-Species / Races Including Nominate: woodi, finschi


Sonora Lilac-crowned Amazons:

Distribution: Mexico

Species: Scientific: Amazona finschi woodi … English: Sonora Lilac-crowned Amazon … Dutch: Sonora Blauwkapamazone … German: Sonora Blaukappenamazone … French: Amazone de Finschi-Woodi

CITES II – Endangered Species

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