Foraging Branches

Birds are intelligent, curious and naturally active – they need keep active to stay healthy


Birds in their natural environment:

They spend their days foraging for food, flying here and there, looking out and evading predators, playing, chewing branches, interacting with their mates and other birds, and, finally, locating that perfect nest site and building a nest to start a family. Then, of course, incubating and raising a clutch of chicks will keep both male and female busy for most of the day.

Life is different in captivity. Most pet birds are likely to spend most of their days in theircages; too many of them have very little to do, see and experience. As most of you will be able to relate to: What is worse than not being in control of any aspect of your own life? Not having any control and having all day to think about it … The obvious consequences are behavior problems and obesity, due to lack of exercise.


What we can do:


  • FUN Playgrounds! Great tips for set-ups and enhancements to your pet’s play area …



Entertainment and Foraging Opportunities don’t have to come at a high price. The above links provide you with lots of free to very inexpensive ideas as to how to create a stimulating and fun environment for your parrot.

Inexpensive items can be procured from these sources:

  1. Yard and Garage Sales (look for toys for small children; baskets, containers, etc.)
  2. Flea Markets
  3. Dollar Stores
  4. Home Depot and other home improvements stores
  5. Goodwill / Second-hand Stores
  6. Wlalmart or other Overstock / Discount / Outlet Stores

Species Research by Sibylle Johnson

Recommended Web Resources: Redirecting Negative Behaviors in your Petbird for some excellent tips and tricks … Bird Proof Your Home to Protect Your Furniture and Keep your Bird SafeTop Bird KillersToxicitiesToy SafetyAviary Photos / Indoor Set-ups

  • What can be more fun than allowing your bird to be outside — to be part of nature; safely and under your supervision. Please check out the novel Avianweb Bird Harness — there is nothing that could possibly enhance your pet’s life more … A great product.


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