Forest Ravens

The Forest Ravens (Corvus tasmanicus) are found in Tasmania as well as other parts of south-eastern Australia, where they inhabit woods, open interrupted forest, mountains, coastal areas, farmland and towns.

An outlying population exists in a small area in the tablelands of north-eastern New South Wales.


They average 50-52 cm in length, including the tail. They have larger bills and shorter tails than other crows found on the mainland.

Diet / Feeding

Forst Ravents feed on just about any available food, including insects, carrion (dead animals), fruits, grain and earthworms.

They may even kill and eat birds as large as Silver Gulls.


The Forest Ravents construct stick nests typically placed high up in tall trees.

Calls / Vocalizations

Their calls are described as a deep “korr-korr-korr-korr” with drawn out last notes.

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