Geoffroyus: Red-cheeked or Long-winged Parrots

Geoffroyus: Red-cheeked or Long-winged Parrots, here at Beauty of Birds you will get all the information like origin, description, photos, pets, training, breeding and care about Geoffroyus.

Red-cheeked Parrots

Red-cheeked Parrots (Geoffroyus geoffroyi geoffroyi) – Nominate Form

Blue-collared Parrots, also known as Simple Parrots, Lilac-collared Song Parrots, or Lilac-collared Geoffroy’s Parrots (Geoffroyus simplex simplex) – Nominate Form Singing Parrot

Singing Parrot (Geoffroyus heteroclitus heteroclitus) – Nominate Form


Class: Aves … Order: Psittaciformes … Family: Psittacidae … Subfamily: Psittacinae

Genus: Scientific: Geoffroyus … English: Long-winged Parrots … Dutch: Langvleugelpapegaaien … German: Buntkopfpapageien … French: Perroquet Geoffrey

CITES II: Endangered Species

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