Golden-crowned Babblers

The Golden-crowned Babblers (Sterrhoptilus dennistouni) – also known as Golden-crowned Tree-babblers – are only found on the island of Luzon located in the northern Philippines.

Their range is restricted to the Northern Sierra Madre mountains, with one single record existing from Ilocos Norte.

Their habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

This species is threatened by habitat destruction.

Calls / Vocalizations / Sounds

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? … Czech: timálie zlatokorunkatá … Danish: Gulkronet Krattimalie … Dutch: Goudkaptimalia, Goudkruinboomtimalia, Vuurkruinboomtimalia … German: Goldkappen-Buschtimalie … Finnish: kruunutimali … French: Timalie à calotte dorée, Timalie à couronne d’or … Italian: Garrulo capodorato … Japanese: kiboushimorichimedori … Norwegian: Gyllenkronetimal … Polish: cierniodziób zlotolbisty, cierniodziób z?oto?bisty … Slovak: kujutan korunkatý … Spanish: Timalí Coronidorado … Swedish: Gulkronad busktimalia

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