Golden-sided Euphonias

The Golden-sided Euphonias (Euphonia cayennensis) occur naturally in southeastern Venezuela (eastern parts of the state of Bolívar), through Guyana and French Guiana (the Guianas), Suriname, and northeastern Brazil from Manaus east (on both sides of the Amazon river) to the northern state Pará and northern areas of the northeastern state Maranhão.

They inhabit subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests.

Alternate (Global) Names

Czech: Libohlásek cernomodrý, libohlásek ?ernomodrý … Danish: Blåsort Skoveuphonia … Dutch: Cayenneorganist, Cayenne-organist … German: Cayenne Organist, Cayenneorganist … Finnish: Kultalaikkumarjukka … French: Euphone de Cayenne, Organiste nègre … Italian: Eufonia della Cayenna, Eufonia fianchidorati … Japanese: monkisumirefuukinchou … Norwegian: Gullflekkeufonia … Polish: Organka zlotoboczna, organka z?otoboczna … Portuguese: Gaturamo-coleira, gaturamo-de-lados-amarelos, Gaturamo-preto, gaturamo-serrador, Guaturamo-preto, tem-tem-curicaca, tietê … Russian: ?????????????? ??????? … Slovak: organista tmavý … Spanish: Eufonia Negra, Fruterito Cayenero, Fruterito de Hombros Dorados … Swedish: Blåsvart eufonia

Diet / Feeding

Their diet consists of a variety of tree-borne fruits. In particular, they are known to feed on mistletoe berries. Their gut is specially adapted for mistletoe berries, which are poisonous.

These finches tend to move to places where mistletoe berries are the most abundant. They are most commonly seen in small groups foraging in their favored feeding areas.


Euphonias are known for their almost constant singing, and since they typically remain high in the canopy, they are more often heard than seen. Their calls sound like “see-see“.

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