Grey Go-away Birds, also known as Grey Louries, Grey plaintain-eaters, Grey Loeries or Kwêvoëls

Grey Go-away Birds, also known as Grey Louries, Grey plaintain-eaters or Grey Loeries.

The Grey Go-away Bird (Corythaixoides concolor) is a South African Turaco that is also known as Grey Lourie, Grey plaintain-eater or Grey Loerie..

In the wild, the bird spends most of its time perched in small groups.

The go-away bird gets its name from its well-known call, a harsh “kay-waaay,” which warns other birds of a human’s presence.

Distribution / Habitat:

This turaco can be found in the dry open savanna woodlands of Angola, Zambia, south eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), Malawi and South-East Tanzania to Namibia, North-east Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and North-east South Africa. It prefers savanna woodland.

Its preferred habitat includes parks, suburban gardens and farms – often near water.

  • Its plumage is a uniform grey color, black beak and strikingly pink gape.
  • The crest is raised when excited.
  • This turaco is a clumsy flier though extremely agile in clambering through tree crowns.

Call / Song:

  • It has a distinctive loud alarm call (“quare”, rhyming with “square”) fancifully sounding like “Go-away”.

Diet / Food:

  • Its preferred diet includes fruit, like wild figs, berries, flowers and buds, leaves, termites and snails.

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