Grey-headed Woodpeckers

The Grey-headed Woodpecker (Picus canus) is a Eurasian woodpecker that lives in leaf forests and mixed forests.


It averages 25-28 cm in length and weighs 130-180 grams. The upper plumage is green, the underparts are pale grey.

It has a yellow rump and a grey head with black moustache. The male has a red crown (top of the head).

Similar species: It looks similar to the Green Woodpecker, except having a shorter neck, slimmer bill and slightly rounder head.

Breeding / Nesting:

They breed in May, lay five to ten eggs which are brought up by both parents. The young hatch after 15-17 days, and learn to fly about four weeks later.


They feed on maggots, beetle larvae and other insects. In the winter, they eat seeds and take advantage of bird feeders, particularly if fat is offered.

Member of the Picidae Family: Woodpeckers … SapsuckersFlickers

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