Harriers are birds of prey that feed on small mammals, reptiles or birds, often hunting them by flying low over open ground,

Species list

Genus Circus

Montagu’s Harrier, Circus pygargus

Papuan Harrier (Circus spilonotus spilothorax)

Northern or Hen Harrier, Circus cyaneus

Western Marsh Harrier, Circus aeruginosus

Eastern Marsh Harrier, Circus spilonotus

African Marsh Harrier, Circus ranivorus

Swamp Harrier, Circus approximans

Madagascar Marsh Harrier, Circus maillardi

Réunion Harrier, Circus maillardi

Long-winged Harrier, Circus buffoni

Spotted Harrier, Circus assimilis

Black Harrier, Circus maurus

Cinereous Harrier, Circus cinereus

Pallid Harrier, Circus macrourus

Pied Harrier, Circus melanoleucos

Eyles’ Harrier, Circus eylesi (New Zealand, extinct): The Eyles’ Harrier is an extinct bird of prey which lived in New Zealand. It was an example of island gigantism. It was the size of a small eagle, and a generalist predator.

Genus Polyboroides

Madagascar Harrier Hawk, Polyboroides radiatus

African Harrier Hawk, Polyboroides typus

Genus Geranospiza

Crane Hawk, Geranospiza caerulescens

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