Hooded Whistlers

The Hooded Whistlers (Pachycephala implicata) – which are part of the Pachycephalidae (Whistlers and Allies) family – occur naturally in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, where they inhabit subtropical or tropical moist montanes.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • Pachycephala implicata implicata (E. J. O. Hartert, 1929)
    • Found on the tropical island of Guadalcanal (the largest island in the Solomons) in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • Pachycephala implicata richardsi (Mayr, 1932) – Nominate Race
    • Occurs naturally on Bougainville Island – the main island of the Papua New Guinea located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Alternate (Global) Names:

They are also commonly known as (depending on their location) Mountain Whistlers, Solomon Mountain Whistlers or Solomon Whistlers.

Chinese: ??? … Czech: Pištec guadalcanalský … Danish: Salomonfløjter … Dutch: Bougainvillefluiter, Bougainville-fluiter … German: Olivbauch-Dickkopf … Finnish: Bougainvillenviheltäjä … French: Pachycéphale alpestre, Siffleur des Salomon … Italian: Zufolatore dei monti, Zufolatore monaco … Japanese: soromommozuhitaki, soromonmozuhitaki … Norwegian: Fjellplystrer … Polish: fletówka melanezyjska … Russian: ????????????? ??????? … Slovak: hlavácik kapucnový, hlavá?ik kapuc?ový … Spanish: Chiflador Montañés, Silbador de las Salomón … Swedish: Salomonvisslare

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